CCMF Ramblin Royale

AMHA/AMHR Bay Leopard Appaloosa Colt

CCMF Ramblin Royale is a bay leopard colt out of our retired show mare, Southern Charms Ramblin Rose and sired by Mountain Highs White Cloud.  He is very high headed, with a short back, long legs and a pretty head. This is a colt for the show ring!  SALE PENDING!




CCMF Legacys Golden Ticket

AMHA/AMHR Palomino Large Snowcap Blanket (or Few Spot Leopard?) Appaloosa colt!



Ticket is an incredibly beautiful palomino few spot (or possibly large snowcap) appaloosa colt sired by Carousel Designer Legacy and out of our beautiful buckskin snowcap appaloosa mare.  When we clipped Ticket he had a large white blanket that went all the way up to his neck.  He just has some golden color on his head, neck and armpits so he is definitely a few spot or snowcap.  SOLD!


Photo by Jess Coffey

CCMF Carousel Reggae

AMHR bay colt!



Reggae is a bay colt (possibly appaloosa) sired by Carousel Designer Legacy and out of a beautiful leopard mare.  He is AMHR registered and has beautiful big liquid looking eyes, an upright neck and alot of pizzazz.  




CCMF Carousel Calypso

AMHA/AMHR Bay Near Leopard Appaloosa colt!


Photo above by Jess Coffey


Calypso is a bay near leopard colt born on March 11, 2006 at around 10:30PM.  His sire is Carousel Designer Legacy and his dam is one of our treasured appaloosa mares so this little guy is double appaloosa bred.  He is AMHA/AMHR and should mature around 32".  He is not completely unfolded yet in these pictures as he is only about 12 hours old but we will post new pictures soon!  SOLD!


CCMF Crystal Carousel

AMHA/AMHR Black Snowcap Appaloosa filly!



Photos above by Jess Coffey


On February 16th we were blessed with a beautiful black snowcap appaloosa filly sired by Carousel Designer Legacy and out of our EK/Rowdy/Orion bred appaloosa mare named Miracle.  She has a small shapely head with a little muzzle, nice neck, short back and she is fine boned.  Watch for this girl at the shows!  She is a maternal sister to CCMF Clouds Charisma and a paternal sister to CCMF Legacys Legend, CCMF Legacys Color Maker, CCMF Carousel Princess and the other Carousel Designer Legacy babies. We have named her CCMF Crystal Carousel and we call her Christy.



 Sorry, she is not for sale at this time.


CCMF Champagne Delight 

AMHA/AMHR/ICHR Champagne Appaloosa filly!

Our first foal of the year has arrived and she's a champagne appaloosa filly!  She was born on January 19th and she's a classic champagne.  This filly is AMHA/AMHR/ICHR registration pending.  Her dad is our 30" appaloosa stallion named White Cloud and her dam is our champagne mare named Spring. 

Photos above by Jess Coffey 

Delight has a new home!  Her new owner is Lori Lancaster of Magic Mist Miniatures in Utah.  Congratulations to Lori!  Delight will be joining Lori's other beautiful horses including CCMF Spotted Illusion (aka Louie) after she is weaned.

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