Critter Creek Mixedmedia Farms is lush green pasture sprinkled with clusters of pine trees and bordered by a meandering creek which marks the land's east boundaries.  It is home to all sorts of animals including double registered AMHA/AMHR champion quality miniature horses, along with miniature cows, pheasants, peacocks, goats, pigs, llamas and various other animals.  

Candee and Peppermint.jpg (76810 bytes)Our goal with the miniature horse breed is to produce correct foals of the highest quality and best conformation along with a heavy dose of appaloosa and pinto bloodlines for the added splash of color.   Especially with our appaloosas we strive to breed appaloosas that can compete at the top levels..   We do not put color first however but we do believe you can have a beautifully and loudly marked horse that also has a beautiful head, balance and excellent conformation.  Check our pages and we think you will find we have some of the most correct, most refined, and most consistently colorful appaloosas you have ever seen anywhere.  We are proud of our little herd and constantly striving to improve them.  We have been told countless times by numerous people that our horses look better and better every year.  To continue to improve... that is our mission. 

Our endeavor is a family affair and is a hobby, not a business.  The farm is run day to day by Joyce Kehoe and her daughter Kay Lyon.  Joyce and Kay care for the horses, foal out the mares and manage everything to do with their care.  Kay also is the show person in the family and she and her husband, Joe, attend as many shows as feasible.  Another daughter, Ginny Long does most of the correspondence and buys and sells the horses.  There are other family members that help out on occasion as well.

All of our horses and foals are double registered  AMHA and AMHR and most of them are loaded with appaloosa or pinto background.  In many cases we have included reference pictures of the colorful, correct ancestors and relatives of our stallions, mares and foals on our website pages for you to enjoy.   

We update our website on a continual basis to please check back often to see our new arrivals.  

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If you would like any further information on any of our horses you can e-mail,  mail or call us and we will be happy to provide more information on any of our horses.  We love to talk about appaloosa genetics and color genetics in general, so if you have a question or comment, please contact us!

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